Big Sister

Helgen 23-24 maj är det dags för oss tjejer att samlas på Geek Girl Meetup 2015 på Tekniska museet i Stockholm. Årets tema är BIG SISTER.

Want to patch EU laws?

When the Members (MEP) of the European Parliament (EP) write their laws, they use a tool called Automatic Tool for AMendments (AT4AM). AT4AM is fairly unknown outside of the EP, so it comes as no surprise that DFRI’s efforts in providing AT4AM for all is even less recognized. With this tool you can also create ready-for-voting amendments to email to the MEPs, and can in that way directly affect policy — without being a full time politician!

Despite AT4AM not being user friendly enough for everyone to create amendments, we’re working on getting there. If you or your organization can suggest improvements to the law, check out and as well as get involved in DFRI!