About DFRI

DFRI, Föreningen för Digitala Fri- och Rättigheter (The Digital Freedom and Rights Association) is a Swedish non-profit and non-partisan organisation that promotes digital rights. Our goal is a society with as little surveillance, tracking and wiretapping as possible. We believe in freedom of speech, transparency and freedom of information, personal integrity and the individuals’ rights to control the use of their personal information and digital footprints. We oppose all forms of limitations of these values.

DFRI is a member-driven organisation

DFRI provides a platform for projects our members want to carry out. We also arrange seminars, participate in conferences and debates, and try to influence political decisions. DFRI is also a member of the organisation European Digital Rights (EDRi).

DFRI’s board

You can reach the board using styrelse@dfri.se. Our work is strictly non-profit. This means we don’t receive any salary or other financial benefits from DFRI. The board meets once per month, and the meeting is open to members as well as others who are interested.

Do you want to join us?

Become a member, get involved or contact us with any questions.