Supporting Tor

DFRI supports an anonymity service on the Internet called Tor. Part of the initiative is to run Tor-exit relays. Running high-speed Tor traffic costs a lot of money. You can help us run more Tor traffic by donating specifically for this purpose. If you want to, include a name (your own, or alias, or organization) for the donations page.

Bank transfers

Bank details for international transfers.

  • Bank: Swedbank AB
  • IBAN: SE24 8000 0832 7992 3955 8654
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK), if possible – see currency conversion table below.
  • Message: “Tor traffic”, and optionally a name for the donations page.


We accept cash if you can meet us in person. Please let us know if your donation is specifically for running Tor exit nodes.

Donate bandwidth

If you are an ISP we would like to exchange traffic with you. In this case, please contact

Additional options

If you need other options or more information, please contact to work something out.

Currency conversion

Please donate money in our local currency Swedish Krona (SEK) whenever possible, as we are based in, and run the Tor exit nodes, in Sweden. For currency conversions, see for example or XE Currency Converter.