EDRI – Membership Application

DFRI’s application for membership has caused a bit of debate among its members. DFRI clearly has the ambition to be a political power in Sweden and would like to supply EDRi with regional information as well as cooperate with other organisations within the EU in order to learn from their struggle, successes and failures.

With a large proportion of the membership based in the tech area, the first couple of months have seen a focus on building infrastructure more than mustering political strength and recruiting policy people.

DFRI is now very happy to be able to send a representative to the EDRi general assembly with the hope that you too see DFRI as a good candidate for becoming an EDRi member.

DFRI’s ~30 members to date can bring the following to the table:

  • expertise in Tor technology; Tor exit node competence; network traffic analysis; DNSSEC; IPv6; monitoring, tracking and surveillance technologies; internet routing; email, mirroring and proxy solutions
  • policy development in the fields of privacy, net neutrality, network management, open access network models, core internet design principles, end user contracts and ISP liability
  • communication skills in social media; activism coordination; media relations and journalistic experience
  • campaign outreach; collaboration and targeted actions
  • political analysis and intelligence on national, regional and EU level