Automatic Tool for AMendments

Within the European Parliament (EP) the tool Automatic Tool for AMendments (AT4AM) is used to create proposals to change to the European Union’s (EU) laws. DFRI hosts the only (to the best of our knowledge) AT4AM outside of the EP on

To increase transparency and make it easier for the public to influence lawmakers within the EU we made the tool publicly accessible. AT4AM is, unfortunately, not user-friendly enough for low barrier law improvement, but we hope to make it there!

Do you work to influence EU laws, on your own or in an organization? Subscribe to the AT4AM mailing list and let us know how, or how you’d like to, use AT4AM!

We’ve converted DFRI’s organization rules to Akoma Ntoso (XML) for use in AT4AM: DFRI-stadgar-20150412.xml