Become a Member

Become a member by reading the statute and pay the membership fee. As a member you can vote at the organisation’s meetings and have access to member benefits. To register, we need an email address or some other unique identifier.

We also accept one-time or recurring donations.

Membership fees, per year

  • 240 SEK

Let us know you’ve transfered the membership fees

Enter your email address as a reference with your payment. Alternatively you can use something else unique if you’d rather do that, and then send that unique string to for us to link your payment with it.

Payment Options

We prefer payments to our bank account.

  • Bank giro: 783-8873
  • Bank account: 8327 9 923 955865-4 (Swedbank, BIC: SWEDSESS, IBAN: SE2480000832799239558654)
  • Bitcoin: bc1qsj9wvkesvxtfpua34r5hnpf4lunmw7yqy3dz0k
  • By letter (if you trust the Post Office): DFRI, Box 3644, 103 59 STOCKHOLM
  • Using Paypal: You can transfer membership fees using Paypal to Then send an e-mail to to let us know.
  • Swish: 123 624 35 70 Remember that we need your e-mail address or some other unique identifier in the message as well which you then send to Please observe that Swish costs DFRI 1,50 SEK per transaction. Thus membership payment via Swish should be 241,50 SEK for a membership.

Get involved

DFRI is a member-drivern organization. This means we provide a platform for active members’ projects and connect people who share interests – perhaps you too?

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