Recent changes to this wiki:

add 'noget' to default mlmmj list settings
hint about rebuilding db file
new file, describing how we use System Transparency
use two hostnames
add necessary info about pkg repo
add packages.mdwn
knotc syntax
new iso
document mlmmj changes
ULUG presentation march -20 outline
more formatting
add page
add info about list archives
add info about submission users
update pdf
let's not assume what john would've thought
minor fiddling
swap two points to improve flow
no pauses in first (real) slide
update pdf
update pdf, remove the one with notes
revamp the ULUG presentation
update pdf's
fix link to presentation
fix quotation marks; add pdf's
add a book reference
the panopticon picture doesn't fit in the flow
ULUG presentation, take two
add ULUG presentation, first take
New URL for UptimeRobot. Checks managed by sysadmins.
take 'pan'
RFC8467 says 128
And we certainly don't want to stick out.
change name of dnscrypt.ds to dot.ds
The name dnscrypt is very misleading
print SSHFP stanzas more suitable for knotc zone-add
document SSHFP RR's
the bup ssh key has moved to passdb
add jail.mdwn
shelby taken
add another note
update after sto3 -> sto4 migration
update instructions on how to bootstrap
move three files to the ansible repo
don't edit live zone files
new file
move the scripts we're using to new repo dfritools
use old name
set up resolv.conf _in_the_jail_
new file
no more CVE-2016-777; set up resolv.conf
add instructions on how to back up using borgbackup
uppdatera körschemat för fredag
kallocain kan inte ha securelevel pga bhyve, se rc.conf
updated sto4 upgrade plan
new plan?
sto4 upgrade plan
update dns info slightly
update times
remove two angels who have canceled
more cryptoparty
add links
move reading list and add to it
add two angels
add a section on "how"
organisation, announcments
add idea on how to schedule things
crytoparty who and content suggestions
formatting, so hard
cryptoparty details
add cryptoparty 2019
add ola contrubutions text as markdown
spelling and capitalisation
Ola bini sw contributions
two more links
four more links
three more links
three more links
add titles and dates for all english news articles
add two links
more links; more link text
add a link; add titles, source and dates for others
add a bunch of AP links
one more support
add two links
add EFF
add some link titles
more whitespace
add whitespace to improve rendering to html
add linus/freeolabini